General questions regarding POSTIE

What is POSTIE?
POSTIE is a service where you can send tangible messages using your phone and a POSTIE printer. Unlike email and social media, POSTIE allows you to send handwritten messages, stamps and photos to the people most important to you.
Where can I buy a POSTIE printer?
The POSTIE printer is being delivered to Indiegogo backers. Please note that further sales of POSTIE are not planned at this stage.
Who manufactures and sells POSTIE?
The POSTIE app is distributed on the App Store by HAKUHODO i-studio Inc. The POSTIE printer is manufactured and sold by HAKUHODO i-studio Inc.
What is the recommended age for POSTIE?
POSTIE is recommended for ages 6 and up.
Please note the POSTIE printer is quite heavy (approximately 679g) and may result in injury if dropped onto any part of a person's body. Therefore, we recommend adult supervision for children ages 12 and under.
Can the POSTIE printer work without the app?
The POSTIE printer can be used without the app when used as a printer. However, to use the POSTIE printer this way, you need to connect it to a device via the USB or RS232c port located on the back and transmit serial signals to it, or install Windows drivers into your Windows PC and develop your own software.
Can POSTIE be used offline?
POSTIE app cannot be used offline as it needs to connect to the POSTIE cloud server. However, the POSTIE printer can be used offline if it is used without the POSTIE app. For more information, please check the HOW TO USE page.
Is POSTIE free to use?
The POSTIE app is free to download on the iOS App Store. However, the POSTIE printer needs to be purchased.
Which languages does the POSTIE app support?
The POSTIE app is available in Japanese and English.
Which devices are compatible with the POSTIE app?
The iOS app is compatible with iPhones installed with iOS 9.0 or later and the Android App is compatible with Android devices installed with Android 6.0 or later. For POSTIE mode (RECEIVE mode) we recommend the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 7 due to the size of the POSTIE printer.
POSTIE is currently not compatible with Android devices as the Android app is currently under development.
Does the app support multiple accounts? Can one POSTIE printer be used by multiple users?
You can log into another account as long as you logout of the POSTIE app, but we recommend using only one account per device. A POSTIE printer can be connected to multiple devices with the POSTIE app installed, but the POSTIE printer cannot be used with another device if you pair it with a device. If you want to pair the POSTIE printer with another device, please unpair the current device.
Can I transfer all my data if I change devices?
You can if the data is stored on the server. Data stored locally cannot be transferred.
Can POSTIE be used for commercial purposes such as campaigns and advertisements?
If you would like to use POSTIE for commercial purposes, please contact HAKUHODO i-studio Inc. via email.
Is there an instruction manual?
The Instruction Manual and the Quick Start Guide are available on the HOW TO USE page in PDF format.

Questions regarding the app

What is 'WRITE' mode?
WRITE mode is where you can create a new message, and send it to a friend or print out the message on your own POSTIE printer.
Can I print messages that I created using from the POSTIE app on my phone?
Yes, you can. On the home screen, tap on 'WRITE' and select 'Print'.
How many messages are saved in 'Sent Message History'?
Images are automatically deleted after one (1) year.
What is 'RECEIVE' mode?
RECEIVE mode is where you receive messages sent from friends and print them out with the POSTIE printer. If you place your smartphone on the POSTIE printer with the app in RECEIVE mode, it will transform into a cute character.
What is the red circled number on the top-right corner of the home screen?
This number shows how many unread messages you have received from friends.
How do I reply to messages that I received?
When messages are printed in RECEIVE mode, you will be asked if you want to reply. If you tap on 'Yes', you will be able to create a reply message.
What is 'SENT LETTER'?
This is where you can view the messages you sent previously.
How can I print out messages that I created?
After tapping on the 'WRITE' button on the home screen, select 'Print' and you will be taken to the message editor screen. After creating your message, 'Swipe Up to Print' will be displayed at the top of the screen. The message will start printing when you swipe up.
What is the red circled number on the top-right corner of the home screen?
This number shows how many unread replies you have received from friends.
What is 'Replied'?
This is shown when a message you sent has been replied to.
What is 'FRIEND LIST'?
This is the list of users you can send and receive messages using the POSTIE app. To add a user onto your friend list, you need to send a request to a user and that user will need to approve of your request.
How do I send a friend request?
You can send a friend request using your friend's POSTIE NAME or POSTIE ID.
To send a friend request using a POSTIE NAME, tap on FRIEND LIST on the home screen, tap on the plus (+) icon on the top-right corner of the screen and then tap on 'Search by POSTIE NAME'. Once you entered a POSTIE NAME, some users should appear so please select the correct account and send a request.
To send a friend request using a POSTIE ID, tap on FRIEND LIST on the home screen, tap on the plus (+) icon on the top-right corner of the screen and then tap on 'Specify ID' to send a friend request. You will need to ask your friend to share their POSTIE ID with you for you to be able to send them a friend request using this method
My friend's account does not appear in the search results even when I search their name.
Your friend's account might be set to private so please ask them for their POSTIE ID. Once you have their POSTIE ID, tap on FRIEND LIST on the home screen, tap on the plus (+) icon on the top-right corner of the screen and then tap on 'Specify ID' to send a friend request.
I received a request from someone I do not know.
If you received a friend request from someone you do not know, just press the 'Delete' button and the request will be deleted.
I want to hide my POSTIE from being searched.
From the home screen, tap on Settings (gear icon) and change the 'Make POSTIE NAME Private' to ON. Your POSTIE account will then become unsearchable.
How do I delete my account?
To delete your account, tap on Settings (gear icon), 'Delete Account' and tap on the 'Delete Account' button. If you delete your account, all of your friends, messages, images and other data saved on the server will also be deleted.
I forgot my password.
If you forget your POSTIE account details, you can reset your password on the app by tapping on 'Password Reset' on the login screen. On the next screen, enter your email address associated with your POSTIE account and tap 'Send'. Once you receive the password reset email, click on the password reset URL. You will be taken to the password reset screen on the app where you can create a new password.
What is a 'POSTIE NAME'?
It is the name used within the POSTIE app, which will be used when searching for users by name.
What is a 'POSTIE ID'?
It is a unique ID issued to each user account. If you make your POSTIE NAME private, it will not appear when users try to search your POSTIE NAME, so you should tell them your ID and ask them to search for your account using that.
Where can I change notification settings?
In the Settings screen of your iPhone, select 'POSTIE' then 'Notifications' and change the 'Allow Notifications' setting.
Where can I find Terms of Use?
You can find the Terms of Use here and on the app by tapping on Settings (gear icon) on the app.

Questions regarding the Printer

My POSTIE printer is not in the list displaying nearby printers.
Your POSTIE printer might be turned off. Please try turning it on and try again.
I do not know the pairing number for my POSTIE.
The pairing number is located on the bottom of your POSTIE printer.
Messages do not print.
It may take up to one minute to print a message because it takes time to transfer data through Bluetooth Low Energy (LE). Therefore we ask that you wait a while after the message data has been sent.
If messages still do not print properly, one of the following may be the cause:
- Thermal paper has either run out or is jammed in the paper cutter area.
- The POSTIE app and printer are not paired properly.
- Other Bluetooth-enabled devices in the vicinity are interfering with the data transmission. (Please try placing your POSTIE printer in an area with no other Bluetooth-enabled devices close by.)
- There is an error with your POSTIE printer. (Please check the Instruction Manual for details regarding errors.)
My POSTIE printer is broken. Who do I contact to get help?
If you have problems with your POSTIE printer or the app, please contact us via email for assistance.
My POSTIE printer won't turn on.
The power supply unit on your POSTIE printer might be broken. Please contact us via email for assistance.
What kind of paper rolls can be used with the POSTIE printer?
Thermal paper rolls that are 58mm x 38mm (width x diameter) can be used.
I've run out of paper rolls. Where can I buy some more?
Please purchase thermal paper rolls that are 58mm x 38mm (width x diameter) in size. However, we cannot guarantee the thermal paper rolls that you purchase can be used with the printer.